[SALES] Tops #16 - Polka Dotted Top w/Lace Trimmings

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

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Still in the vein of everything polka-dotty, we also got these really gorgeous, sexy spaghetti strap tops! Features vibrant backgrounds all decked out with black polka dots, and deliciously trimmed with lace and a sweet lil ribbon on the front. Material is cotton.

Goes perfect paired with jeans for a perfect night out about town! Sexy yet sweet....what more can we say? :)

Colours: Red & Turquoise ONLY
Price: RM35 RM20
(FREE shipping to West Malaysia)

[SALES] Tops #17 - Cropped Crocheted Cardi

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Thought you had seen the last of the cropped cardi phase? Wait! We've brought more in for all you cropped cardi fanatics! We managed to score these lovely crocheted cropped cardis, and we're desperately in love with these cardis! Features intricated flower crochet patterns on front, and the back features a giant crochet flower, so sweet yeah? From the size illustration, it may seem small, but just like anything crocheted, these babies are stretchable!

So, if you're lost for ideas on what to wear, just put on a simple top, slip this cardi on, and you're all set to go! :)

Colours: Dark Brown & White ONLY
Price: RM33 RM25(FREE shipping to West Malaysia)

[SALES] Tops #18 - Crazy for Cropped Cardis

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Last on our updates for this week are.....more cropped cardis! :D

This time round, we've got the simple, cotton cropped cardis, with a twist, of course. We've got 3 in stock, so lets run through the features yeah?

The top one features a plain white cardi with lovely intricate embroidery adorning various parts of the cardi, and has a bit of lace trimming. The second and third ones are the same design, but in different colours. They both feature a little bit of ruffles running around the edges and the front, and have embroidered flowers with eyelets all around the cardi.

These cardis exude a certain sweet charm, and is so easily matched with a simple top or dress to make you look oh-so-lovely!

Colours: White (w/embroidery), White (w/ruffles & flower design), Pink (w/ruffles & flower design)

Price: RM33 RM25 (FREE shipping to West Malaysia)

[SALES] Acc #3 - Kitty Bag

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

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Meooowww!! What else could it be, other than a cat bag! Since we got a dog one, might as well get a cat one too eh? :) The two coloured cats caught our attention, they screamed at us to take them home and on to new owners!

Features two coloured cats on front, back features one zipped compartment. Sides are embellished with white ribbons, and a single white-lined inner compartment.

Colour is lime green, material is cotton.

Length: 13.5"
Height: 8"
Height + Strap: 17"
Width: 5"

Price: RM35 RM20
(FREE Shipping within Malaysia!)