[SALES] Dresses #10 - Tropical Flower Dress

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Another dress on our update this week are these lovely dresses, so colourful yeah??? We just love the pretty flowers adorning this lovely simple dress, its like an entire garden blooming, makes you wanna smile all day long!! Features lovely flower prints all over the front and back, a tie back to the back, adjustable straps, as well as a smocked back for the perfect fit. Oozes sweetness and charm, doesn't it? :)

Colours: Dark Blue ONLY
Price: RM40 RM35
Measurements (flat measures):-
Height: 34"
Chest: 14.5"

[SALES] Dresses #9 - Pleated-Front Tube Dress

In the run up to Chinese New Year, we've also brought in these super gorgeous tube dresses! Despite the solid colours on all the dresses, they also feature lovely small pleats on the front, and also have pockets on the side, now how cool is that! Smocked back allows for a perfect fit too! :)

Material is thick cotton.

Colours: Blue ONLY
Price: RM60 RM50
Size: S
Measurements (flat measures):-
Height: 27"
Chest: 12"

[SALES] Shorts #1 - Multi-Coloured Striped Shorts

Monday, January 12, 2009

Whilst browsing around, we caught sight of these awesome shorts! We just couldn't resist, and had to bring them into our shop too! The material is actually jeans material, and is really of superb quality! Features two pockets in front and at the back, as well as a large belt loops to fit your favourite belt through! :) We'll let the pictures above spell how cute these shorts are! Grab your pair today!

Colours: Red Combo ONLY
Price: RM36 RM30
Sizes: S & M
Measurements (flat measures):-
S size - Waist: 14", Height: 11"
M size - Waist: 15", Height: 11"

[SALES] Tops #23 - Pleated Long Top

[click images for larger view]

Right in time for Chinese New Year, we also have these lovely pleated long tops that are so versatile, and would look great paired with all sorts of combinations! It features a lovely Mandarin collar, as well as lovely long pleats going down the front and high slits on both sides. The cutting is great as it also has shortened sleeves, and the material is slightly shimmery too! The string-belt featured in the photos comes together with the top as well, but feel free to let your imagination run wild, and pair it with all sorts of belts, clinchers etc! :)

Colours: Red ONLY
Price: RM45
Measurements (flat measures):-
Chest: 16.5"
Waist: 16"

Height: 31"

[SALES] Tops #22 - Butterfly Sleeve Top

[click images for larger view]

Next is this really interesting top that we have! It features butterfly sleeves on a standard button down shirt, complete with Mandarin collar too! This would look great for a casual day out, or even worn to work on casual Friday, to add that touch of cheekiness to your ensemble! Flap away! :)

Colours: Teal & Yellow
Price: RM40 RM35

Measurements (flat measures):-
Chest: 16"
Waist: 16.5"

Height: 25"


[SALES] Tops #21 - Plaid Retro Off-Shoulder Top

[click on images for larger view]

More updates for this week! As Chinese New Year draws near, we've got a wide selection of yummy clothes that would be suitable for a great celebration! First up are these gorgeous plaid retro tops, that oozes lotsa charm and sexiness too! Plaid never seems to go outta style, and this one here sits gorgeously off shoulder, and lets you show off your shoulders, and it also features a pretty bow in the centre. The bottom is embellished with 3 pearlesque beads too! Goes perfect paired with jeans!

Colours: Red + Green Mix, Green, Yellow, Red

Price: RM38 RM35 (FREE shipping to West Malaysia)

Measurements (flat measures):-
Chest: 17.5"

Waist: 13.5"

Height: 20.5"

[SALES] Dresses #7 - Satin Tube Dress w/Bow

Sunday, January 11, 2009

[click for larger images]
Update:- We are re-featuring this dress again, as we thought that perhaps some of you didn't manage to catch this dress seeing that it was grouped together with a lot of our other updates! This shimmery dress is just so gorgeous, and we hope that you don't miss the chance to grab this dress today!

Lookie here, more satin dresses! Looks like we can't seem to get enough of satin dresses these days. Now, how about a really elegant one this time, delightfully embellished with a lovely bow in the front. Features of this dress include a very stylishly cut bust area and top, and two gorgeous pleats running down right after the waistline...wow, what a great way to show off your curves!. Smocked back ensures a good fit, and bow in front adds that little bit of spice to this dress! Material is satin, but of course! The shimmery smooth satin even blinded our cameras, so trust us, the dress is just so gorgeous in person!

Colours: Purple, Black, Gray, Blue, Green
Price: RM50 RM40
(FREE Delivery within West Malaysia!)